Meet Our Staff

Ready Readers relies solely on contributions from individuals and our corporate and community partners. So we operate with a small, but dedicated staff to: develop initiatives in our classrooms and community, train, coordinate and mentor our volunteers, design programming for early childhood educators, organize fundraising events, and facilitate the giving and receiving of books.

Lisa Greening
Executive Director
Suzanne Michel
Assistant Director
Sheila Oliveri
Literacy & Curriculum Coordinator
Cheryl Whatley
Mentoring Coordinator
Nora Steele
Program Manager & Book Coordinator
Tara Mechem
Fundraising/Marketing Coordinator
Maggie Strube
Volunteer Coordinator
Lauren Miller
Donor Relations Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Phillip Hearn
Taj Jackson
      Vice President, Governance
Julie Ralph
      Vice President, Program
Brian Matlock
      Vice President of Finance, Treasurer
Linda Rohde
      Vice President, Development
Jayne Langsam
Matt Leppert
      Past President

Katie Abbott
Chelsea Addison
Tosha Anderson

Ross Conner III
Jackie Gold
Holly Kasnetz
Jenny McPheeters
Brian Matlock
Jenny McPheeters
Helen O’Connor
Whitney Panneton
Marilyn Ratkin
Megan Riley
Brad Schlaggar M.D., Ph.D.
Paul Schnabel
Laura Villa
Daniel Willingham
Lana Wright

Pat Simons

Advisory Board

Erica Bailey
Karen Berger
James Bogart
Harvey Citerman
Ann Grove Dillon
Ryan Easley
Linda Finerty
Audrey Fleissig
Susan Goldberg
Nahid Hashemi

Jennifer Howard
Sandy Jaffe
Carol Kaplan-Lyss
Paul Lints
Lisa McLaughlin
Suzie Nall
Mary Riew
Sally Schoenecker
Pat Simons
M. Lynn Yearwood

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