Literacy Society


A Shared Commitment to Kids

Ready Readers Literacy Society recognizes supporters who’ve pledged an annual gift of $1,000 or more to advance our literacy programs. We are grateful for these generous contributions, which enhance the programs we deliver today while securing our ability to reach future generations of emerging readers.

2018 Literacy Society Members

Katie and Andy Abbott
Tosha and Trevor Anderson
Kelly and Doug Armstrong
Julie and Kevin Beattie
Cathy and James Berges
Sandy Blasingame
Martha and Jim Bogart
Velma Boyer
Pat and Mark Burkhart
Pat Cox and Graham Colditz
Susan and Michael Darcy
Nancy and DJ Diemer
Sue and Irl Engelhardt
Alison and John Ferring
Linda and Steven Finerty
Alyson and Gregg Garland
Bettie Gershman
Debbie and Larry Glynn
Evelyn Goldberg
Susan and Paul Goldberg
Maxine and Marvin Goldman
Lisa Greening and Sam Blumoff
Clare and Myles Hansen
Donna and David Henderson
Lynn and Rick Hill
Kris and Brian Hogan
Angela and Harry Holiday III
Lisa and David Holley
Sandy Jaffe
Wendy and Neil Jaffe
Nancy Kalishman
Beth and Larry Lenke
Pam and Ken Lester
Judy and Bill McLaughlin
Jessica and Andy Millner
Judy Miniace
Sharon Moran
Peggy and Andy Newman
Helen and Jamie O’Connor
Linda and John O’Hara

W. Michael Panneton
Cindy Petzoldt
Sabina and Michael Pugh
Judy and Paul Putzel
Julie and Eric Ralph
Marilyn and Gary Ratkin
Jennifer and Dennis Reid
Savitri Richardson
Mary and Dan Riew
Megan and Perron Riley
Paula and Rodger Riney
Rebecca Ring
Lisa Ring and Gregory Storch
Peggy and Jerry Ritter
Linda and Paul Rohde
Pam and Ron Rubin
Sharalyn and Ronald Saks
Janea and Jon Schaeffer
Katie and Steve Schankman
Hristina and Bradley Schlaggar
Cynthia and Paul Schnabel
Nancy and Craig Schnuck
Sally and Perry Schoenecker
Glenda and James Seldin
Shirley Sher
Pat and Paul Simons
Betty Singleton
Nancy Siteman
Stacey and Peter Smith
Julie B. and Tim Stern
Mary and Joe Stieven
Terri and Steven Stout
Leslie H. Stupp
Patricia Taylor
Laura and Matt Villa
Suzy and Jack Villa
Barbara Wallace and Ken Rinderknecht
Linda Walter
Sarah Webster
Lana and Rick Wright
Alice Yawitz
M. Lynn and Darrell Yearwood