Our Difference

One reader, one classroom, once a week

It’s not just the reading of the story that’s important for young children. It’s the bond between reader and child. To build that relationship, Ready Readers sends the same volunteer to the same classroom once a week throughout the school year. Six times per year and once in the summer, the reader gives each child gift books to start their very own library at home. The children associate their special reader with good times — sending the essential message that reading is fun!

Teachers and volunteers learn, too

Ready Readers offers workshops and development programs for volunteers and classroom teachers to share ideas and build skills that make reading in the classroom more enjoyable for everyone. We offer additional support for the classroom with our Book-A-Day Program and literacy-themed field trips for the children.

Ready Readers builds community

In addition to our work in the classroom, Ready Readers partners with organizations in our community to bring the joy of reading to children throughout the St. Louis region. Look for us at local events, in libraries, community centers and family-friendly attractions throughout our city — even in the pages of Ladue News.

Our professional collaborations include:

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